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Schedule of Services

Holy Eucharist -- Homage to Our Lady -- Healing and Solemn Benediction -- Clergy -- More Information

+ Holy Eucharist (Open Communion) +

Please call us at (510) 889-7651 for the time and location of Mass at St. Raphael's

Special Services at St. Raphael's

An Homage to Our Lady is held
15 minutes prior to each service

A Service of Healing and Solemn Benediction
is held every third Friday of the month at 7:30 PM

St. Raphael's Clergy and Lay Assistants 

Priest-in-Charge: Rev. Mathias van Thiel, Ph.D.

 Deaconess: Mrs. Imelda Brown

 People of any spiritual or religious persuasion are welcome to attend!

For more information, E-mail us, or phone (510) 889-7651

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